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Fun, Friends and Community



Would you like to be more socially connected with your community? Would you like to build friendships? 


Making friends and socially connecting with community is what we call simply experiencing life. We can support you to enjoy a wide variety of fun recreational activities which will not only provide life-long learning but help you build social connectedness as well. Our clients enjoy a wide variety of community-based recreational activities according to their passions and interests.


Here are some examples:·        

  • Joining basketball, tennis or soccer training with a qualified coach;
  •  Dancing and learning about music;
  • Going fishing, horse riding or to the speedway;
  • Organising walks, workouts at the gym or wheelchair sports;
  • Swimming in a local community recreation centre;
  • Attending a hydrotherapy session with a therapy provider;
  • Joining a Zumba or aerobics class;
  • Excursions to museums, wildlife and national parks;
  • Attending community festivals and events;
  • Scrapbooking, woodwork and creating mosaics;
  •  Having sensory experiences; and
  •  Going to the theatre, concerts and movies.


If you would like more information about Experience Life, please contact us.


Developing the skills for your life


Would you like to become more independent? Would you like to further your education or learn something new? 


Increasing your independence and assisting you develop the skills you need to reach your goals is what Skills4Life is all about. We are committed to helping you develop the skills you need for the life you want to live. We have a unique and practical approach to help you increase your independence at home or in the community. Many of our clients have also enjoyed learning new skills by engaging in different community-based activities and workshops.


Here are some examples:

  • Independent living including:
    • Planning meals,
    • Grocery shopping,
    • Cooking;
  • Money handling and budgeting;
  • Catching public transport;
  • Volunteering at community kitchens, school and retail stores;
  • Private tuition;
  • Learning to use technology (e.g. mobile phones, computers and tablets); and
  • Undertaking further education at a TAFE or university (our staff can assist with access, tutoring, and scribing)


If you would like more information about Skills4Life, please contact us.

Make friends

for life.


What is your employment ambition?
 Would you like some help to navigate your career path?

Our dedicated Transition team is here to help you realise your career goals and map your pathway to success. By implementing our step-by-step transition plan designed especially for you, we can work with you and at your pace to develop the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your employment goals.
We can assist you to transition smoothly by:

  • Helping you realise your career goals,
  • Supporting you to upskill in new areas (e.g. mentoring and/or tutoring you whilst you complete further education),
  • Mentoring and supporting you in volunteer work and interview preparation, and
  • Enhancing your employability skills
    • Communication
    • Teamwork
    • Problem solving
    • Initiative and enterprise
    • Planning and organising
    • Self management

To find out more about how you could kick start your career path, contact us today.


About Us


Help take the confusion out of your NDIS Plan


Your Support Coordinator is here to help you make informed decisions and exercise choice and control over who you want to receive supports and service from.  Your Support Coordinator will help you by sharing information about opportunities available based on your needs. They will work independently and for you.


Your support coordinator can:

   •  Work with you to understand your plan and funding;

   •  Find and connect you with the best supports and give you choices 

       of different service providers;

   •  Help you track your funding, and prepare you for your annual plan


   •  Advise and guide you throughout your NDIS journey and assist you

       with any issues you may have with providers; and

   •  Build your capacity to manage your funds flexibly in the future.



If you would like more information about Support Coordination, please contact us.

Support coordination



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