Your Quality of Life is our Purpose.  Your Goals are our Objective.




We are a not for profit, incorporated association and have been providing quality services to people living with disability in the southern metropolitan regions of Perth since December 1994.


Our services assist people with disability to achieve their personal life goals by facilitating greater access to the community and the development of their life, work and independent living skills.


For 25 years we have looked beyond a person’s limitations to see and understand their individual abilities and aspirations. Our individualised approach has enabled us to provide supports by which our clients have developed their independence, become work ready, learned to communicate effectively and develop a network of friends.

About Us

We are 100% committed to delivering all SMP services in a flexible manner and to the highest standards of quality.​


Simply More Possibilities.




Assisting people with disability to achieve their personal goals.




Our personal and professional values.

     • Choice and possibility

     • Diversity and equality

     • Caring, personal and respectful

     • Responsive and collaborative

     • Optimism and encouragement

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